NoHo to DTLA skate

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NoHo preparationsThis week we voted to do a rail skate... at the start. That's right, we just up and decided to do it, in the parking lot, 'cause that's how we roll.

There was a decent turnout, including a couple of new skaters and a skateboard! Ian showed up with his deck, and hung with the inline crowd without suffering any noticable depreciation in his cool rating. We were impressed; he ate up the 17+ mile skate like starvin' dog at a cookout.

7-11 @ Verdugo & OliveAlso, we owe an apology to those new folks who showed up expecting a "downtown" skate only to be piled onto the Metro in sock-feet and shanghaied to Burbank. They didn't seem to mind much, but such things do happen now and then!

Joel posted our tracks @ RunKeeper. Feel free to brag to your friends. It's amazing how many people won't believe that you skated from Burbank to downtown... at night... on the river trail... with a buncha people.

Next week we'll be back downtown for something relatively norbal. Hope to see you there!