Turkey Skate!

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Turkey & Pilgrim on skatesNOTICE: This week is Thanksgiving, so we are required by law to post a Turkey Skate. This post is provided as a public service, and may or may not represent the views of these skaters, their parents, cats, backyards and/or bodyguards.


"The California Thanksgiving Seasonal Skate and Gratuitous Turkey Image Act (TSS&GTIA) requires the Governor to compel all group skate websites post at least one gratuituous picture and or caricature of a Meleagris gallopavo (a.k.a. "Turkey") on roller skates, preferably in motion, to encourage participation in said group skates before and after the traditional fall feast holiday, such that said feasts may cause couchitis, junkus-trunkus and other unattractive health issues. roller_skating_turkeyThis law also compels skaters to wear something "Thanksgivingy" while participating in these group skates, to warn individuals of exposure to fun and health benefits associated with group skating. This skate website operates in accordance with local, skate and federal ice, roller and boarding laws. These skaters occasionally contain a chemical known to the State of California to cause fun and a general sense of well-being." (Print the Name of Your Facility and the address at the end of this notice.)


See you Tuesday,  2nd & San Pedro. We sk8 @ 8