Linkin Park

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small-LA-from-LACMCThis week we got our skate on east of downtown. We cruised over the river on 4th street, through the Utah Pass, and then out past the switching yards to Lincoln Park. No not that Linkin Park (which is in Santa Monica), this is the other one, right across the tracks from juevy, with yet another nice little lake and a bunch of locked bathrooms.

After a stop at a most impressive corner liquor/cambio/cheques/sugar/bat guano/bull urine dispensary, we hit another little park nearby, 100 yards of pavement so bad it was easier to skate the grass, the LA/USC hospital parking garage, and were treated to a spectaular double-twist, backward half-caff butt-flop by our very own Dario. Nobody got it on helmet-cam, but word is it was epic.

cclogoWe finished up with a round at Senior Fish (damn, we really need to help those guys get a website, huh?). We've now become enough of a staple there that they've given us a special set of tables in the closed part of the bar... then again, maybe they just want to keep us away from their non-stinky customers!